For several years David and I worked together developing distance learning courses for Athabasca University. While I provided text content, David was responsible to take that content and shape it for creative and effective delivery to students via websites and online resources. David was always enthusiastic, creative, and quick to develop insights into the material; he reliably produced his work and was an excellent collaborator as we often revised, rewrote and generally developed the products.

Karen Wall, PhD
Athabasca University

I hired Media Storm Creative to work on a big Drupal site and they were amazing to work with. They were calm through chaos (juggling changing priorities, picking up pieces from previous developer, and managing the Drupal structure/permissions, often making tweaks to things after hours), suggested workable ideas for the client’s budget, took on requirements writing, design tasks, testing tasks, server upgrades all in stride. Could not have done it without them… They are a dynamo at Wordpress too!

Lara Spence
Lara Spence Web Design

Working with Media Storm Creative has always been a breeze. No matter the project, they are always able to work through our needs to provide us with the best solutions and an effective & stylish website. Their staffs friendly demeanour and professional style puts them above the rest!

Larisa Bothma
Jura Studio

You’re a superstar!

Larisa Bothma
Jura Studio

I have used a number of web development firms over the years, and I can tell you that none have been as efficient and as talented as Media Storm Creative. If you need a great web design firm for your site – hire Media Storm Creative now!

Cheryl Verstrate

David is a reliable, thoughtful and skilled web developer, delivering solid and cost effective Wordpress sites.

Chantal Schauch

David was a vital support to me, as a student assistant, during his time at UNBC doing a masters degree. He worked as a web-development specialist in my Web Development Lab, and as a teaching assistant for my applied computing course. He was always ahead of the times.

Lynda Williams
Simon Fraser University